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July 19th, GuruPurnima Message

July 19th Guru poornima Message

According to Sadhguru, this year,the summer solstice on 21st of June happened to be a full moon day. The following full moon day on 19th of July (Guru purnima) is the day Adiyogi (Lord Shiva) started the first yoga program, about 15,000 years ago. This year it is very significant as we are in the same phase as then.

Adiguru observed the Saptarishis for 28 days and then rendered them the esoteric knowledge on full moon day, Guru poornima.

Similarly, since the Solstice on 21st of June, the energies have shifted in such a way again to refine us, peel us and prepare us for the next leap. we are all being observed by the Universe/Our Gurus/Supreme energy.
Many of us would be facing misunderstandings, challenges, disputes and unpleasant situations.

How to deal with these situations ?

– Firstly, stop feeling a victim
– You are a powerful co-creator and your higher self has orchestrated circumstances to learn and better yourself.
– Observe your inner most feelings and thoughts. Are you consciously or unconsciously attracting the situation ?
– It is time to observe and make corrections to your shadow values, dont ignore them, don’t feel guilty about them
just acknowledge, embrace and integrate them within you.
– Upgrade the way you deal with situations
– Put your emotions at bay. Don’t identify with the situation, but try to understand yourself and what the situation is trying to teach you.
– Try to understand that there are different perspectives and all perspectives could be right.
– Honor everybody’s feelings and perspectives.
– Be Non-judgemental and deal with detachment.

This Guru Poornima and beyond, be self-observant, prepare to make changes within, ask for clarity and make space within you to receive Guru’s Grace. You will be shown your path.

Sadhguru says “You have always been trained on how to fix the outside. You may fix everything in the universe, but unless you fix yourself, you will not know the beauty of this life.

I repeat myself, “In is the only way out.” In this time before the Guru Purnima, make yourself into a shining receptacle. Keep yourself in such a way that your faculties of body, mind, and emotions do not become an impediment.

I am in you.”