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Manifesting with July energy


Energetically I feel July is a month of Alignment and Action

After Solstice energies, I feel more grounded as we enter July.

Universe is repeatedly showing me to be in the present moment, to be totally aware, to focus on action plans, coincidences, meeting potential opportunities and ideas.

This is a time to remind yourself of your goals.

– Stay focused on what you want
– relay your dreams to the universe
– tune into vibration of your goals
– stay emotionally aligned to the final outcome of your goals

A lot is happening behind scenes in the inner worlds,
Each one of you is being cleansed and prepared to experience abundance.
Each one of you is responsible for bringing Heaven on Earth.
Have faith and move forward. Remain in Positive vibration


A deeper explanation of the above

Stay focused in what you want.

– You need to know what exactly you want to achieve. Quantify it, don’t just say I want to be happy. Be specific to the detail.Say what makes you happy eg: I am living in a beautiful 3 bedroom house, peacefully with loving family members, abundantly earning XXX amount, and in self-less service of others (be specific).

Relay your dreams to the Universe

– Write down your goals in a book.
– Read them everyday to keep your focus on the goal
– The goals have to be rooted in Subconscious mind which is nothing but the Universe
– What is outside is inside. Our Vedas say
“The Macrocosm or “Brahmandam” is represented in miniature form by the “Pindandam” or Microcosm which finally gives rise to a newborn”
– so Universe is born in the form of a newborn, which is you
– you have the power to create
– what ever you are facing now was created by you consciously or unconsciously, in this life or a past life.
– You are the creator of your own destiny


– The moment you think of something, it is already created in the Mental world
– When you add an emotion to it , you are bringing it down to the Emotional world.
– When you are consistently working on it, you are bringing it down to the Physical world.
Now manifesting in the physical world takes time, effort, unwavering consistency, and positive spiritual karma

Stay emotionally aligned to the final outcome of your goals.

– You are creating with every thought and emotion, so when you are happy like you would be when you achieve your goal,
you are in a constant state of happiness in the present moment, that means you are vibrationally in alignment with the Universe/Creator who is “Satchitananda” , Infinite bliss. At this stage you become a co-creator with the energy of the creator because you are made in the image of God and you have the power to create.

Just believe in yourself. Whatever you do which is not harming anyone or doing good to someone, go ahead with confidence and trust Universe will help you and provide you with what is needed.