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Message to Light Workers

MasterElMorya Mother Quan Yin

Dear Light workers, The below are few of the Automatic writing messages channeled through me from Ascended Master El Morya and Mother Quanyin.

I am amalgamating few of the messages below, that were meant for me and the admin team of FB group “Healing light- A Free Bouquet Of Many Light Energies”.

Hope these will be helpful for you too.

“The spirit world is working on you to improve and prepare for coming months. You need to shield yourself, a lot many chords will be attached be careful”

“Tell the admin team to hold their reins, September is a tough month , lot of divine energies flowing , you need to hold on to your energies else you will be washed
away such is the intensity of the great lunar eclipse which is coming in September, Tell them to be prepared for a roller coaster ride. I am here to bless and protect
you all. Your Healing admin team is formed as we from the Spirit worlds guided you so. This is my advice to your healing team who do a lot of healing, you are doing
good service but you will be effected by it. Though we are here to protect you, you should learn to protect yourself, the energies are overwhelming. You will prosper
but still have caution.”

My question about group attunements I am doing online as guided by Master “What will happen when I give attunements, will I incur their Karma, Sadguru said not to play

“You will incur their Karma when you give them attunements but you will have to take their Karma as per your soul plan, they will have to get rid of their Karma to
ascend and it is possible through you clearing them. You can do this. You have come for this. Put a lot of protection. The first wave of ascension is very powerful, it
will topple you down if not properly protected. Surround yourself with all your guides request all of them to protect you.”

Me: “Who are my guides ? I thought you were my guide.”

Master : “I am your Master and protector but you also have your guides for your safety.They are with you now, they will be with you always but do not forget to ask.It will summon all their energies.”

Me: “How many guides are there ? ”

Master : “Many, about a few hundred, you need protection for the next wave coming in September. All of you have come here on a similar purpose and all have 100’s of guides to protect you all”.

End of Messages, Have blessed Ascension days.


Higher dimensional beings

Ascended Masters are highly evolved spiritual beings, most of whom have had previous life times on earth.

Ascended Masters are various types of more highly evolved, spiritual beings of higher vibrations than ours that exist in different dimensions, and who have gone through much spiritual transformation. They are able to guide and assist us in subtle, profound and magical ways from the higher plains of existence. As such, they are our Divine teachers.

They have ascended to higher dimensions, and have continued their mastery and service with the Divine. Ascended Masters are powerful high dimensional etheric beings who can act as spiritual guides, teachers and healers, each with their own specific specialities, or focus areas. They are able to help more than one person simultaneously.

There are many different Ascended Masters, including but not limited to Gods, Saints, and religious figures. It is important to note that in truth they are non-denominational, non-culturally-specific, and work with unity consciousness, as in they are available to all, and can be called upon at any time.

I channel messages from Ascended Master El Morya and Mother Quanyin for the benefit of my students and friends. They assist me in all Healings and Attunements.

This post is the last of the series Lightworkers,Starseeds and Ascended Masters.

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