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Spiritual Parenting : Let go of expectations and accept as they are

My Reiki files : A message for Parents and Teachers

Recently I had a Client who was a Reiki Master herself who requested for a personal session.I usually take advice from Ascended Master El Morya through Automatic Writing for Healing sessions and Guidance.

The following answers baffled both of us.

Problem : She was practicing Reiki regularly on her family and self, yet she doesn’t see much difference or change in the attitude of her child and husband, be it taking studies seriously or preparing for exams or helping at home.She is often frustrated. I had advised her to send her child to my Yoga and Meditation classes, she would definitely see that her child would get calmer.

Solution from Ascended Master El Morya :
The following is the transcript. My client’s name changed to Jenny.

Q. Dear Master, Kindly advise on Jenny’s child,how do we bring about change in the child ?
A. Jenny has to learn to let go of expectations. Her child is normal.

Q. Would my Yoga classes help her child ?
A. Yes but not required, her child is fine by himself/herself.

Q. Do the children in general, not require Yoga and Meditation ?
A. They require Yoga and Meditation but dont expect them to change. They are all fine as they are. They will be guided and their guidance will improve with Yoga and Meditation.You are here to show them their path. They will become more intuitive with your techniques.You should continue to teach but don’t expect them to
change, they are as they are supposed to be.

Q. What about Jenny’s son, she is worried about its future in this competitive world?
A. He/She already knows his/her path, and will know when the time is ripe.

These messages were eye openers for both of us.

She being a Reiki Master practitioner herself, immediately realised that she has to give reiki to herself and work on herself rather than sending it to her husband and child and expect them to change.

This message applies to all of us to let go of expectations and accept our children as they are, support them and nurture them but not own them and mould them to how we want.