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Channeled Messages

**** Channeled answers for Meditation during Lunar Eclipse *****

This Wednesday, me and my friend who is a Reiki Master and Theta healer, were meditating, healing our blocks and channeling guidance from spiritual realms. This was our second practice together, about 3 hours of channeling, healing and wonderful experiences as spiritual masters and guides healed our blocks through us.
The following were the questions answered by our spiritual guides.

Q) How can we maximize Sep 16 energies to empower yet not affect physical body.

A) During Sep 16 Lunar eclipse, a new door opens, Meditate walking through the new door and breathing the new energies.
Your healing crisis is arising out of your karma and beliefs that can be healed. You don’t have to have a healing crisis.

Next 2 are  personal questions, but I feel this can be useful for others as well.

Q)With my parents visiting me for a short time, do I delegate my classes, so they can run without me being present.

A) Finance is a very little thing. It is not as huge thing as you think it is. You have a roof, you have your family, you have food. Take a break. Your classes need your energy to run. Continue when you are back. While your family is here, be with your family, remove the stress of classes. They are here for a short time, this is a time you should enjoy with your family, this is a nurturing and healing time with your maternal family.

I was channeling mother Quanyin as my friend asked the question.

Q) What is a message for Bharani that she doesn’t already know.

A) Tell her she is here to experience the Love of her family, experience Earthly pleasures, She is not here for Ascension of Earth or Raising the vibration. Though her presence here does help raise the vibration, but it is important for her to experience Earth life. After this incarnation, she would not come back to Earth for a long long time. She should focus on experiencing life on this dimension.

I will share other interesting experiences and learnings of our practice together in another post.