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September 16, 2016 Lunar Eclipse

Tomorrow is Lunar eclipse seen in Europe, Asia and Australia.

Eclipses are powerful portals for potent light to hit mother Earth. The outcome should be Bliss but since we have lot of blocks in our body we may feel certain debilitating symptoms without knowing the cause as you might be releasing issues of past life as well. when we are more sensitive and aware, these symptoms show us changes to be made in different areas of our life.You can release life times of blocks and make space for light

Some symptoms of release

Lethargy, Anger, feeling tired and sleepy are common outcomes when you release blocks.

Symptoms based on chakras

Crown or Sahasrar chakra – Headaches, sensitivity on the crown, feeling of pressure on the head, not grounded
Ajna or Third Eye Chakra – Headaches around forehead and temples, blurry vision,
Throat chakra or Vishuddhi – Communication, you can no longer stop yourself from speaking what you feel inside.
Heart chakra or Anahata – Palpitations, fear, restlessness, heart burn
Solar plexus or Manipura – Feel bloated, acidity, stressed , nausea
Sacral chakra or Svadhisthana – feeling guilty, old emotional issues and repressed emotions surface.
Basic chakra or Muladhara – body pains, physical mental and emotional exhaustion.

Pay attention to your dreams. They sometimes give you hints of what you are releasing
When you feel you cannot handle it anymore, request the supreme creator to adjust the energies for your body to bear.

Meditate tomorrow during Eclipse and step into new energies to lift your life.