July 19th, GuruPurnima Message

July 19th Guru poornima Message

According to Sadhguru, this year,the summer solstice on 21st of June happened to be a full moon day. The following full moon day on 19th of July (Guru purnima) is the day Adiyogi (Lord Shiva) started the first yoga program, about 15,000 years ago. This year it is very significant as we are in the same phase as then.

Adiguru observed the Saptarishis for 28 days and then rendered them the esoteric knowledge on full moon day, Guru poornima.

Similarly, since the Solstice on 21st of June, the energies have shifted in such a way again to refine us, peel us and prepare us for the next leap. we are all being observed by the Universe/Our Gurus/Supreme energy.
Many of us would be facing misunderstandings, challenges, disputes and unpleasant situations.

How to deal with these situations ?

– Firstly, stop feeling a victim
– You are a powerful co-creator and your higher self has orchestrated circumstances to learn and better yourself.
– Observe your inner most feelings and thoughts. Are you consciously or unconsciously attracting the situation ?
– It is time to observe and make corrections to your shadow values, dont ignore them, don’t feel guilty about them
just acknowledge, embrace and integrate them within you.
– Upgrade the way you deal with situations
– Put your emotions at bay. Don’t identify with the situation, but try to understand yourself and what the situation is trying to teach you.
– Try to understand that there are different perspectives and all perspectives could be right.
– Honor everybody’s feelings and perspectives.
– Be Non-judgemental and deal with detachment.

This Guru Poornima and beyond, be self-observant, prepare to make changes within, ask for clarity and make space within you to receive Guru’s Grace. You will be shown your path.

Sadhguru says “You have always been trained on how to fix the outside. You may fix everything in the universe, but unless you fix yourself, you will not know the beauty of this life.

I repeat myself, โ€œIn is the only way out.โ€ In this time before the Guru Purnima, make yourself into a shining receptacle. Keep yourself in such a way that your faculties of body, mind, and emotions do not become an impediment.

I am in you.”

Manifesting with July energy


Energetically I feel July is a month of Alignment and Action

After Solstice energies, I feel more grounded as we enter July.

Universe is repeatedly showing me to be in the present moment, to be totally aware, to focus on action plans, coincidences, meeting potential opportunities and ideas.

This is a time to remind yourself of your goals.

– Stay focused on what you want
– relay your dreams to the universe
– tune into vibration of your goals
– stay emotionally aligned to the final outcome of your goals

A lot is happening behind scenes in the inner worlds,
Each one of you is being cleansed and prepared to experience abundance.
Each one of you is responsible for bringing Heaven on Earth.
Have faith and move forward. Remain in Positive vibration


A deeper explanation of the above

Stay focused in what you want.

– You need to know what exactly you want to achieve. Quantify it,ย don’t just say I want to be happy. Be specific to the detail.Say what makes you happy eg: I am living in a beautiful 3 bedroom house, peacefully with loving family members, abundantly earning XXX amount, and in self-less service of others (be specific).

Relay your dreams to the Universe

– Write down your goals in a book.
– Read them everyday to keep your focus on the goal
– The goals have to be rooted in Subconscious mind which is nothing but the Universe
– What is outside is inside. Our Vedas say
“The Macrocosm or “Brahmandam” is represented in miniature form by the “Pindandam” or Microcosm which finally gives rise to a newborn”
– so Universe is born in the form of a newborn, which is you
– you have the power to create
– what ever you are facing now was created by you consciously or unconsciously, in this life or a past life.
– You are the creator of your own destiny


– The moment you think of something, it is already created in the Mental world
– When you add an emotion to it , you are bringing it down to the Emotional world.
– When you are consistently working on it, you are bringing it down to the Physical world.
Now manifesting in the physical world takes time, effort, unwavering consistency, and positive spiritual karma

Stay emotionally aligned to the final outcome of your goals.

– You are creating with every thought and emotion, so when you are happy like you would be when you achieve your goal,
you are in a constant state of happiness in the present moment, that means you are vibrationally in alignment with the Universe/Creator who is “Satchitananda” , Infinite bliss. At this stage you become a co-creator with theย energy of the creator because you are made in the image of God and you have the power to create.

Just believe in yourself. Whatever you do which is not harming anyone or doing good to someone, go ahead with confidence and trust Universe will help you and provide you with what is needed.

Recap of Yoga this week

A recap of Yoga practice this week.

๐Ÿ Focus on being one with breath

๐Ÿ Focus on being one with emotions and thoughts

๐Ÿย  With each Asana we tried to address one issue.

๐Ÿย  We addressed Forgiveness, Surrender , Let go and Let God

๐Ÿย Achieve our goals by understanding our desires.

๐Ÿ Aligning with the God self so we are tuning into manifesting our goals be it health, happiness, success or abundance.

Please ponder over these things till the next class

๐ŸYoga is the journey of the self, through the self , to the self
~ The Bhagavad gita





Message to Light Workers

MasterElMorya Mother Quan Yin

Dear Light workers, The below are few of the Automatic writing messages channeled through me from Ascended Master El Morya and Mother Quanyin.

I am amalgamating few of the messages below, that were meant for me and the admin team of FB group “Healing light- A Free Bouquet Of Many Light Energies”.

Hope these will be helpful for you too.

“The spirit world is working on you to improve and prepare for coming months. You need to shield yourself, a lot many chords will be attached be careful”

“Tell the admin team to hold their reins, September is a tough month , lot of divine energies flowing , you need to hold on to your energies else you will be washed
away such is the intensity of the great lunar eclipse which is coming in September, Tell them to be prepared for a roller coaster ride. I am here to bless and protect
you all. Your Healing admin team is formed as we from the Spirit worlds guided you so. This is my advice to your healing team who do a lot of healing, you are doing
good service but you will be effected by it. Though we are here to protect you, you should learn to protect yourself, the energies are overwhelming. You will prosper
but still have caution.”

My question about group attunements I am doing online as guided by Master “What will happen when I give attunements, will I incur their Karma, Sadguru said not to play

“You will incur their Karma when you give them attunements but you will have to take their Karma as per your soul plan, they will have to get rid of their Karma to
ascend and it is possible through you clearing them. You can do this. You have come for this. Put a lot of protection. The first wave of ascension is very powerful, it
will topple you down if not properly protected. Surround yourself with all your guides request all of them to protect you.”

Me: “Who are my guides ? I thought you were my guide.”

Master : “I am your Master and protector but you also have your guides for your safety.They are with you now, they will be with you always but do not forget to ask.It will summon all their energies.”

Me: “How many guides are there ? ”

Master : “Many, about a few hundred, you need protection for the next wave coming in September. All of you have come here on a similar purpose and all have 100’s of guides to protect you all”.

End of Messages, Have blessed Ascension days.


Gratitude to the Gurus

Gratitude to my Gurus

Everyday should start with Gratitude.

Today, on the eve of Guru pournami, I offer my salutations to my Parents, in-laws, husband and all my Gurus who carved me to what I am today.

I offer my thanks to Shirdi Sai baba who has taken care of me at every juncture of my life.

I would specially acknowledge thanks to Ascended Master El Morya and Mother Quanyin with whom I work during Healings and Attunements.
I am but a bridge for these two higher beings to heal people through me.

While all healings happen through the presence of Enlightened masters and Angelic beings, I was fortunate enough to be able to communicate and channel messages from these two masters through Automatic writing.

Ascended Master El Morya: An Ascended Master Who Embodies the Will of God,serves from heavenly realms as the Chohan of The First Ray, the blue ray of God’s will, faith, protection and power.
El Morya says, โ€œMany desire to know their life’s purpose. Few desire to know that purpose within the context of the will of God. And fewer still are able to let go of the human will fully to be absorbed into the heart of God’s will through the sacred science and art of surrender. Those who meditate on God’s love, wisdom and will within, day and night., create a sacred portal for their life’s purpose to be fully outpictured.”

Mother Quanyin : She is one of the most universally beloved of deities in the Buddhist tradition, Divine Mother represents feminine energy,Feminine Buddha, Shakthi in Indian tradition, Mother Mary in west, She is the embodiment of compassionate loving kindness,as a true Enlightened One, or Bodhisattva, vowed to remain in the earthly realms and not enter the heavenly worlds until all other living things have completed their own enlightenment and thus become liberated from the pain-filled cycle of birth, death, and rebirth.

Automatic writing is a form of channelling, and involves allowing Spirit, the universal mind or your higher self to simply flow through you, and to create or guide the words that you write.
Channeled writing is a very effective way to channel divine,through your hands.
while most people write, some people can type.
It is a psychic gift and one of the easiest types of psychic communication abilities to develop.

July 31st, Guru Poornima

Next full moon is Guru Poornima, falling on July 31st. A revered day in Indian spiritual and religious history where, Buddhists, Hindus and Jains pay their respects and express gratitude to their teachers.

Next few days I will be doing sadhana to prepare for the great day. I request all the spiritual aspirants to spend their time in gratitude and plan for the great day.

Guru Purnima begins a new year for a spiritual seeker. Itโ€™s a day when you reflect back and be grateful for all that you have been given and that which you received. Itโ€™s a clearing of all the credits and debits from your spiritual account. On this day one should be grateful for what one has achieved in the past and think about what one wants to achieve in the coming year.
Often we ask for small things in life. Our smaller desires anyways get fulfilled. Guru Purnima is the day to ask for whatever you want and it will be bestowed. Ask for the highest! The best desire is to ask for knowledge and freedom. And Guru purnima is the best day to do this!

– Sri Sri

This first full moon day after the solstice is a time when this planet and all life upon it are most receptive to the cosmic energy and possibilities. The next six months till the winter solstice is the best time to strive for evolving and experiencing the divine possibility that is innate in a human being
– Sadguru


Spiritual Parenting : Let go of expectations and accept as they are

My Reiki files : A message for Parents and Teachers

Recently I had a Client who was a Reiki Master herself who requested for a personal session.I usually take advice from Ascended Master El Morya through Automatic Writing for Healing sessions and Guidance.

The following answers baffled both of us.

Problem : She was practicing Reiki regularly on her family and self, yet she doesn’t see much difference or change in the attitude of her child and husband, be it taking studies seriously or preparing for exams or helping at home.She is often frustrated. I had advised her to send her child to my Yoga and Meditation classes, she would definitely see that her child would get calmer.

Solution from Ascended Master El Morya :
The following is the transcript. My client’s name changed to Jenny.

Q. Dear Master, Kindly advise on Jenny’s child,how do we bring about change in the child ?
A. Jenny has to learn to let go of expectations. Her child is normal.

Q. Would my Yoga classes help her child ?
A. Yes but not required, her child is fine by himself/herself.

Q. Do the children in general, not require Yoga and Meditation ?
A. They require Yoga and Meditation but dont expect them to change. They are all fine as they are. They will be guided and their guidance will improve with Yoga and Meditation.You are here to show them their path. They will become more intuitive with your techniques.You should continue to teach but don’t expect them to
change, they are as they are supposed to be.

Q. What about Jenny’s son, she is worried about its future in this competitive world?
A. He/She already knows his/her path, and will know when the time is ripe.

These messages were eye openers for both of us.

She being a Reiki Master practitioner herself, immediately realised that she has to give reiki to herself and work on herself rather than sending it to her husband and child and expect them to change.

This message applies to all of us to let go of expectations and accept our children as they are, support them and nurture them but not own them and mould them to how we want.