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How I Manifested my Home with Divine Grace


*****My Story of Manifesting my Dream Home with Grace.*****

Dear Manifestors,

I am sharing a fascinating story of Manifesting my dream home recently.

Prologue : Buying a home in Sydney is becoming super impossible for a family with salaried single earning member due to sky-rocketing prices. My focus being on my passion of  spreading Yoga and Reiki after giving up my IT Project Manager career is just not enough to buy a decent house.
Throughout 2015-16, as a Law of Attraction practitioner and teacher, I had been making crystal grids, Vision boards, consciously following new moon and full moon rituals for creating abundance and manifesting our dream home and living in total Gratitude. Yet I have almost given up on buying a home in Sydney. I decided that may be I should move to another city to afford a house.

***My Fascinating Journey towards buying home starts:***

Journey with clear signs began early 2017 in the sequence below:

My husband’s employment situation improved

We were getting a waiver on Loan Mortgage insurance(LMI), which means we can only pay 10% down payment without buying LMI, which otherwise is 20%.

News released that the government is reducing the stamp duty effective July 1st 2017

My husband suggested we should start exploring the housing market in detail now, to evaluate if we can find a decent house considering our conditions.

I wasn’t keen at all but I told him, “Fine you can Manifest it, keep looking”

***I start receiving signs:***

Evening I got a message from somewhere which read ““By thought, the thing you want is brought to you; by action you receive it.” I was intrigued. May be it is a sign.

Then I started seeing numbers, my grocery bill read 33.43 , discount 2.02.
I started seeing similar number patterns XX:YX, I felt there is some connection and some synchronicity here.

***Downloading Guidance from the Universe :***

It was Wesak Full moon, I observe it every year. I called my students and friends for a full moon meditation. After Meditation, I had a clear cut inspiration to start a crystal Grid with my intentions as well as others. I announced in my student group that for 21 days, we will collectively bless our goals. I had about 20 requests which I put in the crystal gird. My intention was my dream home.We started blessing everyday.

***Guru poornima Magic (A powerful full moon where you are blessed by the grace of your Gurus) :***

As Guru poornima approached, I had a crazy drive to search for houses. I searched 8 hrs a day in home sites for 7 days. I went crazy and disgusted as I wasn’t finding any home in our budget, either it was too far or the houses very old. I sent messages to about 15 Agents. No one got back to me.
One morning as kids left to school and Husband to office, I sat down praying hard to show me a way.
Next, I see I received 2 messages for two houses in same area.
I liked both the houses but one house was closer to the station, I decided to pursue it and booked an appointment for 4:30 pm the next day. Meanwhile the other house had Auction the next day at 3:00 pm. I wanted to have a look at the house to get an idea of what all should be considered before going to the house I wanted to buy.

***Miracle of buying the house :***

My Husband and I visit the first house to be auctioned. Th agent asked us to register for Auction. Our Mortgage broker told us not to go for auctioned property as a First home buyer. My husband told him, we do not have a pre-approval as we were waiting to file my tax-returns to receive the same. Agent Nevertheless asked to register as there was no harm and we can stop bidding when we are close to the margin. My husband registered saying ok lets experience it.

At the time of Auction about 10 – 15 families had come to the house. We both were totally nervous and shaking. As the Auction started we were the only ones to bid.
We were bidding against ourselves and after a little drama – to and fro – Owner – Auctioneer – us, we finally got the house.
We were in S H O C K. Didnt believe at first. Worst, we neither have a pre-approval nor even a cheque to complete the formalities.

***Things getting arranged :***

1.We had called a friend for support. He brought his friend with him, who was also looking for houses and had a cheque with him. He lends his cheque for our house.
2.I needed to show 2 yrs of Business and July was exactly when I completed 2 yrs.
3.My husband was eligible for “X” amount of loan only, we needed “Y” amount more to get the loan. I exactly earned “Y” amount that year.
4.There was a stampduty exemption for First home buyers starting from July and we were eligible for it.
5.The LMI waiver also was saving us few thousands.

Finally we move into the our DREAM HOUSE within 3 months of my Husband expressing his wish to buy a new house 🙂

***Number sequences again :***

As we moved into the house the first time, both of us saw 12:34 meaning “Angel Number 1234 indicates that you may have to put some hard work and effort towards a new project, venture or important life-change, and these will be of long-term benefit to yourself and your loved ones. Trust that the work and effort you have put in towards achieving your goals and aspirations will be well worth your while and you will find long-term success and personal fulfilment.”

Though we moved to the new house, I had my internal worries about my business because it took 3.5 years to establish in the old area and I need to start all over again. I kept seeing 12:43 next two consecutive days meaning “Angel Number 1243 is a message that the angels, Archangels and Ascended Masters have heard your prayers and are assisting you to manifest your wants, needs and desires into your life. Give any fears or worries to the angels for transmutation and healing. The work you have done in the past has paved the way for abundance today.Use your communication skills to aid and assist others in whatever way resonates with your soul.” This was exactly true. The Universe is always responding to you 🙂

***Detachment to the old house :***

I have to mention that I was very much attached to the old house we were living in which had a huge hall where I used to conduct Adult Yoga classes, Reiki Workshops, Healing sessions and Meditations.

The below 3 reasons had a strong effect on me to get detached and move from the house and the area.

1.This house had a hot water pipe burst, took nearly 3 months to identify and rectify and we had a hell of time with walls getting heated up and steam coming out of cupboards.
2. Though I had a satisfactory kids yoga classes happening, Adult yoga classes had a noticeable drop which was disappointing
3.We received a notice from Strata to stop business from home as one of the building occupants complained my meditation classes disturbed them.

However, once we moved to the new place I started having multiple requests from my students and their referrals to continue Yoga and Reiki classes at westmead

One find day, I restarted my Adult Yoga (again lot of synchronicities and messages from the Universe) in the previous area with a much better response than when I was there.

Had my adult yoga run well, I would have hesitated to move to the new location.
All the above 3 reasons helped me completely detach with the previous house.
The current location is 30 – 45 mins drive from previous location but I am fine driving there to take classes.

I conclude the long story, With total gratitude to the Divine.

I am more than happy to guide and assist you with your Manifesting questions.
Many Divine Blessings for your Manifesting Goals.


Bharani Bussari

October 26, 2017

*** A Spectacular Out-of-the-World Healing and Channeling experience***

Prelogue : A Friend who is also a Reiki Master, Pranic Healer-Arhatic Yogi, Yoga teacher,Tarot reader, Silva Trainer etc, had suddenly felt a strong thought of going for a second child. She visited me to give her some clarity about the thought and to heal her body to prepare as she had a very complicated first pregnancy.

Phase 1 – Entities in the Ajna chakra

As I proceeded to heal her, I quickly moved on from Crown chakra to Ajna chakra but it was taking a while at the Ajna. After about 5 mins, there was a strong energy emerging out of her Ajna, the energy was moving like tentacles, it was not long before I realised I was wrestling with an Entity. I called upon Electric Violet Light, Mother Quanyin, Archangel Michael, Ascended Masters and Mexican/Shamanic healing guides to help me send this entity to light. It was a tough fight for about 20 mins. Just as I felt I released this entity, a second entity emerged. This was not as strong as the first one and was able to release it fairly quickly.

Validation: During the feedback, she told me that she had an intense pain in her head, as though her head was blowing off, she felt nauseated and could not take the pain any longer. After a while the pain eased, she was seeing rainbow colors , felt light and had clarity of mind.

Phase 2 : Root chakra Entity

I proceeded to give Chakral shielding to all the Seven chakras and moved fairly well till Root. At the Root chakra there was again a very strong push of energy, realised it was another entity.Took about 10 mins of tough fight before I released it to the Supreme Light.

Validation: She felt intense pain in the root which subsided subsequently after the release.

Phase 3: Uterus Scanning and Shiva Lingam

She asked me to scan her Uterus to see if it requires healing.

I need to explain a little how my healing works. I state the intention after which I automatically start channeling high frequency healing energies. I dont put any symbols or don’t use any particular method, but my hands and body start moving making various gestures. It is as though I am taken over by healing masters. Sometimes I channel symbols that I am not attuned to as well.

As I scanned her Uterus, Ascended Master El Morya started Voice channeling through me (He was speaking through me) and said “Uterus needs a lot of healing”

As I started channeling healing energy to the Uterus, I saw a ShivaLingam and Yoni facing towards me very clearly. It was as though Lingam is being Installed in there. After about 15 minutes, I found myself performing Abhishekam, initially I thought it was water but realised it was flowers. I was offering Namaskarams a number of times. This continued for few minutes and concluded with AM El Morya channeling “Your Uterus is now Sanctified”.
Further messages revealed Lord Shiva himself is protecting and bringing this soul to the world. This soul would heal her Karmas and bring lot of prosperity to her.
I thanked and concluded the session.

Validation: She felt a cool feeling in her Uterus and saw a Golden Mist – Golden Flower flowing down.

We both were dumbfounded for sometime at the contrast of experiences. It took a while for us to digest the surreal, out-of-the-world experience.

The energies are evolving day by day, and the veil is thinning to give us esoteric and super-natural experiences.

Would be glad to hear your comments too.

In Total Gratitude

*** This article can be shared with due credits***

Spiritual Parenting : Let go of expectations and accept as they are

My Reiki files : A message for Parents and Teachers

Recently I had a Client who was a Reiki Master herself who requested for a personal session.I usually take advice from Ascended Master El Morya through Automatic Writing for Healing sessions and Guidance.

The following answers baffled both of us.

Problem : She was practicing Reiki regularly on her family and self, yet she doesn’t see much difference or change in the attitude of her child and husband, be it taking studies seriously or preparing for exams or helping at home.She is often frustrated. I had advised her to send her child to my Yoga and Meditation classes, she would definitely see that her child would get calmer.

Solution from Ascended Master El Morya :
The following is the transcript. My client’s name changed to Jenny.

Q. Dear Master, Kindly advise on Jenny’s child,how do we bring about change in the child ?
A. Jenny has to learn to let go of expectations. Her child is normal.

Q. Would my Yoga classes help her child ?
A. Yes but not required, her child is fine by himself/herself.

Q. Do the children in general, not require Yoga and Meditation ?
A. They require Yoga and Meditation but dont expect them to change. They are all fine as they are. They will be guided and their guidance will improve with Yoga and Meditation.You are here to show them their path. They will become more intuitive with your techniques.You should continue to teach but don’t expect them to
change, they are as they are supposed to be.

Q. What about Jenny’s son, she is worried about its future in this competitive world?
A. He/She already knows his/her path, and will know when the time is ripe.

These messages were eye openers for both of us.

She being a Reiki Master practitioner herself, immediately realised that she has to give reiki to herself and work on herself rather than sending it to her husband and child and expect them to change.

This message applies to all of us to let go of expectations and accept our children as they are, support them and nurture them but not own them and mould them to how we want.


Reiki 21 day Self healing Chakra Affirmation – Week 1

Namaste !!

As you practice self healing during the next 21 days, the following Chakra Affirmations will help you imbibe the nature of each chakra. These come from the book Practical Reiki by Richard Ellis.

Affirmations :I found them in

Image :

Day 1

Root Chakra (1st): I am safe, I trust in the natural flow of life. I take my natural place in the world content in the knowledge that all I need will come to me in the right time and space. I am secure and grounded in the physical form and give thanks to Mother Earth for the nourishment, shelter, and stability she gives me.

Day 2

Sacral Chakra (2nd): I am a sensuous being. I express my sexuality fully and freely in all I do. I celebrate the creative exchange of sexual energy in the universe. I honor the union and integration of the masculine and feminine principles as I recognize and integrate these principles within myself. I give and receive freely from the wellspring of life.

Day 3

Solar Plexus Chakra (3rd): I am at peace with myself and my surroundings. I express my identity without imposing my will upon others. I see the differences in others as unique expressions that contribute more color and fragrance to the world. I am energized by the light and heat of the sun. I am in harmony with all I see.

Day 4

Heart Chakra (4th): I am motivated by selflessness. I cultivate the quality of compassion for myself and all sentinent beings. I have the willingness to transform pain and suffering in others with the knowledge that, as I do, I transform pain and suffering within me. I have the courage to love unconditionally.

Day 5

Throat Chakra (5th): I am free to express my creativity with unrestricted enthusiasm and joy. I give voice to my feelings and communicate with clarity and openness. I am a unique being, my opinions are of great value, and I share them fearlessly. I am imaginative and colorful in all I do.

Day 6

Third Eye (6th): I create my own reality. All experiences that I come into contact with are a reflection of my own projected thoughts and emotions. I develop my inner senses. I am open to new ideas and spiritual concepts. My intellectual mind recognizes my intuitive perception.

Day 7

Crown Chakra (7th): I contemplate the impermanent nature of reality. I release attachment, recognizing that it is the source of all suffering. I develop emptiness so that I may experience union with the universal consciousness and merge with the oneness of all creation. I am content.