Bharani Bussari

October 26, 2017

*** A Spectacular Out-of-the-World Healing and Channeling experience***

Prelogue : A Friend who is also a Reiki Master, Pranic Healer-Arhatic Yogi, Yoga teacher,Tarot reader, Silva Trainer etc, had suddenly felt a strong thought of going for a second child. She visited me to give her some clarity about the thought and to heal her body to prepare as she had a very complicated first pregnancy.

Phase 1 – Entities in the Ajna chakra

As I proceeded to heal her, I quickly moved on from Crown chakra to Ajna chakra but it was taking a while at the Ajna. After about 5 mins, there was a strong energy emerging out of her Ajna, the energy was moving like tentacles, it was not long before I realised I was wrestling with an Entity. I called upon Electric Violet Light, Mother Quanyin, Archangel Michael, Ascended Masters and Mexican/Shamanic healing guides to help me send this entity to light. It was a tough fight for about 20 mins. Just as I felt I released this entity, a second entity emerged. This was not as strong as the first one and was able to release it fairly quickly.

Validation: During the feedback, she told me that she had an intense pain in her head, as though her head was blowing off, she felt nauseated and could not take the pain any longer. After a while the pain eased, she was seeing rainbow colors , felt light and had clarity of mind.

Phase 2 : Root chakra Entity

I proceeded to give Chakral shielding to all the Seven chakras and moved fairly well till Root. At the Root chakra there was again a very strong push of energy, realised it was another entity.Took about 10 mins of tough fight before I released it to the Supreme Light.

Validation: She felt intense pain in the root which subsided subsequently after the release.

Phase 3: Uterus Scanning and Shiva Lingam

She asked me to scan her Uterus to see if it requires healing.

I need to explain a little how my healing works. I state the intention after which I automatically start channeling high frequency healing energies. I dont put any symbols or don’t use any particular method, but my hands and body start moving making various gestures. It is as though I am taken over by healing masters. Sometimes I channel symbols that I am not attuned to as well.

As I scanned her Uterus, Ascended Master El Morya started Voice channeling through me (He was speaking through me) and said “Uterus needs a lot of healing”

As I started channeling healing energy to the Uterus, I saw a ShivaLingam and Yoni facing towards me very clearly. It was as though Lingam is being Installed in there. After about 15 minutes, I found myself performing Abhishekam, initially I thought it was water but realised it was flowers. I was offering Namaskarams a number of times. This continued for few minutes and concluded with AM El Morya channeling “Your Uterus is now Sanctified”.
Further messages revealed Lord Shiva himself is protecting and bringing this soul to the world. This soul would heal her Karmas and bring lot of prosperity to her.
I thanked and concluded the session.

Validation: She felt a cool feeling in her Uterus and saw a Golden Mist – Golden Flower flowing down.

We both were dumbfounded for sometime at the contrast of experiences. It took a while for us to digest the surreal, out-of-the-world experience.

The energies are evolving day by day, and the veil is thinning to give us esoteric and super-natural experiences.

Would be glad to hear your comments too.

In Total Gratitude

*** This article can be shared with due credits***

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