Higher dimensional beings

Ascended Masters are highly evolved spiritual beings, most of whom have had previous life times on earth.

Ascended Masters are various types of more highly evolved, spiritual beings of higher vibrations than ours that exist in different dimensions, and who have gone through much spiritual transformation. They are able to guide and assist us in subtle, profound and magical ways from the higher plains of existence. As such, they are our Divine teachers.

They have ascended to higher dimensions, and have continued their mastery and service with the Divine. Ascended Masters are powerful high dimensional etheric beings who can act as spiritual guides, teachers and healers, each with their own specific specialities, or focus areas. They are able to help more than one person simultaneously.

There are many different Ascended Masters, including but not limited to Gods, Saints, and religious figures. It is important to note that in truth they are non-denominational, non-culturally-specific, and work with unity consciousness, as in they are available to all, and can be called upon at any time.

I channel messages from Ascended Master El Morya and Mother Quanyin for the benefit of my students and friends. They assist me in all Healings and Attunements.

This post is the last of the series Lightworkers,Starseeds and Ascended Masters.

ascended masters

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